JERICK SANCHEZ’s skillset is apparent in all the images he captures–he has a way of seamlessly fitting fragments of an old century within the ever-changing frames of contemporary photography. His Eureka! moment for the art came for him at an early age, right at the moment he chose to tinker with the film and camera and ditched ’90s playthings. Presently he takes cues from the bigwigs of the field like Richard Avedon, Paolo Roversi, Helmut Newton, Irving Penn, and Norman Parkinson. He immortalizes the souls of his models in his countless fashion portraits and editorials, and continues seeing the world through his viewfinder with a belief that photography is about depth of feeling instead of depth of field. When asked about what fuels him to work and what gets his creative juices flowing, he fondly mentions that working with people that came from different walks of life tops his list. According to him, nothing material can ever exceed that kind of opportunity. To people seeking advice—in any given field or career—he has these three things to say: “Imagine, dream and do things that make you happy.”